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At Center Canin Ferreira, 

we offer boarding for a short-term or long term  for your family members with paws. With training in behavior and health care, dogs are stimulated, monitored so that the dogs also have a great vacation. With over 1,000 square feet of well isolated yard, dogs have plenty of room to have fun with a variety of exercise.

Package Description Price per day 2nd dog or more in the same gate Perfect for:
Wellness 4 outings a day 27$ + tax 18$ + tax The affordable package or for less active dogs who prefer more rest.
Spa offered with any package spa time to get a clean, relaxed and beautiful dog to return home.
Enrichment 4 hours of freedom + interactive games 32$ + tax 23$ + tax Package for dogs with more energy and use activities to meet their needs.
Supreme Entertainment 4 hours of freedom + interactive games 40$ + tax 30$ + tax Package with the most stimulation and freedom for the most energetic/ sporting dogs or for people who enjoy having their dog in most freedom as possible.


* Food must be provided in order to not have a digestive imbalance. In addition, accessories are supplied, but you can always bring your own to make them feel at home.

* Additional $ 3 per day to provide food or to administer medication for dogs in need.

* These prices will valid starting January 15th 2017.

  • Going on vacation? Get 10% off if your dog stays with us for 7 to 14 days and 15% discount for 15 days or more.

Additional services Starting at 7.50$:

  • Dog walk/ interactive games
  • KONG treats, natural chewing bones, etc.
  • Your special demands

ALL packages are plus tax.

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