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Education with positive reinforcement These courses with positive reinforcement can acquire the correct method to train a dog. This family member will love you even more and just want to make you happy! A great relationship throughout his life with you.   Puppy class: Puppy 2 months to 5 months Obedience class: dog 6 months…

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Adoption support service This service is offered to help you find the perfect companion for you and / or your family. Whether from a breeder or a shelter, a behavior specialist can point you in the right direction with your new dog. Here’s what this service includes:   A study will be conducted according to…

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Learning behaviour to our dog is essential. With appropriate positive education, the dog learns to know what to do and what not do. Without education or structure, behavioral problems can appear. Our behavior services are available to help you educate your puppy, integrate an adult dog to your family, correct behavioral problems and even give…

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Dog Boarding

At Center Canin Ferreira,  we offer boarding for a short-term or long term  for your family members with paws. With training in behavior and health care, dogs are stimulated, monitored so that the dogs also have a great vacation. With over 1,000 square feet of well isolated yard, dogs have plenty of room to have…

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